Time to Cry Out!

America a lighthouse to the world!Time to Cry Out!

“But he (God) took note of their distress when he heard their cry; for their sake he remembered his covenant (promise) and out of his great love he relented” (Psalm106:44-45, NIV).

This morning I read a brief history of the Israelites and their relationship with God found in Psalm 105-106.  I was fascinated by this concise retelling of their story-about what they did and what God did, touching on Abraham and Jacob and detailing the life of Joseph through much of the life of Moses.  I was in tears by the time I came to “…he heard their cry; for their sake he remembered his covenant and out of his great love he relented” written toward the end of Psalm 106.

Christianity and Christians are getting a bum-wrap these days all around the world.  Not much opposition in America currently, but just stand on a street corner with a sign declaring “Jesus Saves,” or “Save a human life,” and well, you get the picture.  We are a Post-Christian nation in many ways, and the evidence is everywhere.  Thankfully, we are still free, but our freedom to believe and act on our faith in Christ is slowly disappearing and most, even in the church, are unaware.  Many Americans are unaware of our nation’s Founders and their faith.  They do not know the importance of our founding documents, such as the United States Constitution, and the Biblical foundation upon which they were written.  Most have not been taught that many of the early colonists came here fleeing “religious” persecution in their home countries.

Believers all around the world today are being executed or just wasting away in prisons because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  They know America’s history better than us.  They long to make our nation their new home!  Just in recent weeks, an African woman, sentenced to death because of her Christianity, was finally able to come to AMERICA!  If you saw this beautiful woman and her baby on your television screen, you probably felt as I did-overjoyed she was now part of us and free!

We know freedom isn’t free.  It is costly.  Much American blood has been shed in numerous wars over our two-hundred and thirty-eight years as a nation.  And our freedom in Jesus Christ, being his “saved” and “free” children, was also costly and bloody.  Our Christ, was stripped, beaten, and crucified for our sins (rebellion against our Maker) and He died bloodied and bruised.  He died once and for all in hopes we would turn to him for grace (favor).  Thank goodness He also was raised, and our hope is to be raised with Him someday!

His Word states “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” (Psalm 33:12).  Our country has been indeed blessed from our founding to now.  We have not been without sin-God disciplines His own.  We suffered much for our sin of slavery, but God in his mercy, forgave us and helped solidify us as a people once again.  Our influence in the world has been mostly for good since then.  People are still trying to cross our borders to become a part of this great land. But, I see the signs now of great distress within her.  I know you do too, whether or not you are a Christian.

The question is to what do we give credit for the distress we are witnessing all around us?  Could it be that we have turned away from God, the same God that our Founders believed in?  “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.”  If He is no longer our God, then what are the principles that now lead us as a nation?  We still have God’s Word etched on our monuments and national buildings (check it out) and He is still the God in Whom We Trust on our currency, but I believe our hearts are far from Him.  It really comes down to our hearts, as individuals and as a nation, and that is what will ultimately lead us down the path we are on.

If you agree that we are in distress, just as most of the world is right now, please consider the God of our Founding, the same God mentioned in Psalm 105 through 106.  See if we do not somehow mirror the Israelites of old.  God has blessed us as a nation, in my opinion, because he was our God from the start.  He still takes note of our distress and can save us when we cry out to him.  I am crying out to him now for my sin, and for the sins of my nation.  I love America!  I want her to continue to shine so people from all around the world can find the hope and freedom they, too, are crying out for!

It’s a Grace-thing,



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