Jesus Bumper Stickers on a Wood-Paneled Station Wagon

Our Wood-Paneled Station Wagon!

Some of my best childhood memories took place on family trips with my mom, step-dad, step-grandmother, three brothers, and two step-siblings in our old wood-paneled station wagon adorned with Jesus bumper stickers.  During the summer, we often drove from our home in Florida to the Carolinas to stay in cabins surrounded by woods and mountains for up to a week.  I remember on those long drives north all six of us kids dangling our bare feet out of the back window in a synchronized foot dance routine for all the passing cars to enjoy.  I remember stopping to throw into a nearby dumpster almost all the pillows and blankets due to a chain reaction of regurgitation that took place after eating lunch somewhere.  I remember the lack of space due to all the food rations, supplies, suitcases, and five teenage bodies with one elementary kid taking up space.  I also remember plugging my nose and all the windows coming down in unison after an expulsion of Cheetos-infused vapors permeated the air!

Oh the seventies!  We were a little bit like the Brady Bunch, but instead we were comprised of one mom, one step-dad, four step-brothers, and two step-sisters.  We were not as well behaved either.  I do not know how my mother was able to pack us all up for those trips, endure the chaos of the station wagon, feed us all for a week, and then unpack us after we got home.  But she did it!

Our trips were amazing, but home life less amazing.  We struggled as individuals and together to embrace our new found faith during those Jesus Movement years and become a step-family.  It ultimately did not work out being a family, although we tried for almost twenty years.  There was still too much baggage in all of us at the time-we were all still too broken.  But I would not change a moment of my childhood.  I met Jesus in those days!  My journey to healing and wholeness began!

Salvation is indeed just the beginning!  God takes us in our brokenness, saves us, and is working out a beautiful plan for our lives.  When I look back to those early days, the good days and the bad, I am beginning to see how my life’s journey is like a tapestry, rich in color and intricate design, still being woven, and will one day be a beautiful thing to behold.  In my mind’s eye, I still see the One Way Jesus bumper sticker affixed to the wood-paneled back door!

It’s a grace thing,



A Family trip!

Can you see the One Way Jesus bumper sticker on the wood-paneled station wagon back door?









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