About Me

familyI am originally from Florida, where I lived in the same house until I went off to college.  I grew up with two older brothers and one younger brother until just after my mother and father divorced.  Once my mom remarried, I gained a step-father, a step-grandmother, and a step-brother and sister as well.  My family’s brokenness through divorce and remarriage affected me in many ways, especially in creating  feelings of unworthiness.  But I was introduced to Jesus Christ at the age of eight at a Christian family retreat.  While there I heard the Scripture verse, Ephesians 2:8, and after arriving home from the retreat, I quickly looked it up in my Children’s Living Bible.  It read, “Because of His kindness, you have been saved.”  God is kind.  I had never heard that!  I wanted that “kindness” for me!  I asked him into my heart that very day!  He showed me my worthiness beginning at the cross, and He continues to show me everyday how worthy I am to Him.

Jesus has also proven faithful to me through many experiences over these fifty years.  Pain.  Loss.  Disappointment.  Joy.  Favor.  Hope.  Redemption.   From the tragic losses of my younger brother, my father, and my two miscarriages, to the greatest joys of marrying my wonderful husband of twenty-seven years and the births of our two precious daughters, God’s kindness (grace) has been so evident in my life.  I can’t go back now; He’s brought me through too much!!

I have recently begun a new phase of my life.  It began with the college and high school graduations of  my daughters and the marriage of one daughter last spring.  They are now “out of the house,” except when the younger one is home during the summer months.  I am looking forward to this next adventure in my life.  New phase.  New things.  New “Grace Things!”