My Music

She Loves a Warrior was written right after my husband returned from deployment to Iraq.  The song was recently updated to make it more of a story expressing the heart of a spouse and her love for her warrior-husband.

Egypt Out Of Us  was written after I completed a Bible study which focused on the journey of the people of  Israel as they left Egypt for  Canaan, The Promised Land.  Our own spiritual journey mirrors theirs as we leave our old ways and embrace God’s.  We are  on our way to our new Promised Land, Heaven.

Prepare My Heart was written as a prayer in anticipation for the teaching of God’s Word.

I will Betroth You was written to express what I believe is the main theme of the Book of Hosea in the Old Testament.  I used the words of   this book and a melody for you to hear God singing them to you.  If you are His, you are betrothed to Him forever.  He is the Faithful One!

Before the Great Assembly was written this morning as I was reading Psalm 40.  This is for all of us who long for the Lord to hear us when we pray.  When He answers us, will we then proclaim His faithfulness before the Great Assembly?

Crumbs of Grace was written after I read the story of the Syrophoenician Woman found in the Gospel of Mark Chapter Seven.  I felt so moved in my spirit for this woman seeking the mere left-over crumbs of the grace of Jesus.  Her humility reminds us that we are all unworthy of His grace, and his “crumbs” are more than enough.

Gonna-be was written to remind me that God is not finished with me yet!